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The Impact of Installing Air Conditioning

Impact of Installing Air Conditioning When commissioning a full air conditioning system, it pays to buy the most efficient equipment possible, as day-to-day running costs can quickly outweigh any potential additional installation costs. Taking into consideration the impact of installing air conditioning at the design stage, and by installing a more efficient system, will ultimately… Read more »

Business Air Conditioning Installation Solutions

Installing Air Conditioning Has Become Ever More Popular Business air conditioning installation solutions:  A consistent ambient temperature ensures staff and visitors feel comfortable and can prevent the negative effects of overheating and humidity. Although the great British weather is unpredictable, it is rarely extreme. Whilst the average UK temperatures may range from only 9-18 degrees… Read more »

Commercial Air Conditioning Installation

Commercial Installations With our vast knowledge of AC systems, design and  commercial installation experience, here at Spalding Air Conditioning Services we can deliver your business a streamlined, cost effective long term solution to all air conditioning requirements.

Ambient Temperature Control

Regulating An Ambient Workplace Temperature Businesses need to regulate temperatures within their workplace to ensure staff are comfortable and at their most productive.  The correct ambient temperature control, combined with fresh air, will give a comfortable temperature throughout the year not only for the staff but for visitors also. However keeping premises cool in the… Read more »