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ambient temperature control

Ambient Temperature Control

Regulating An Ambient Workplace Temperature

Businesses need to regulate temperatures within their workplace to ensure staff are comfortable and at their most productive.  The correct ambient temperature control, combined with fresh air, will give a comfortable temperature throughout the year not only for the staff but for visitors also. However keeping premises cool in the summer and warm in winter can often be a challenge.

Routine maintenance (ideally every six months) will alleviate potentially larger repair costs further down the line, but when your business is busy we understand that it’s all too easy to simply overlook routine servicing and maintenance of those air conditioning and ventilation systems.

That’s where we come in…

Here at Spalding Air Conditioning Services (SACS) we offer our commercial business customers a free site survey and full no obligation quotation. We can design, advise and install air conditioning systems and manage ongoing servicing to maintain workplace ambient temperature control.  SACS frequently undertake all levels of commercial air conditioning installations and will offer competitive rates. We will prompt your operations manager when servicing is due, giving you peace of mind allowing you to concentrate on your own business.

All of our engineers are Qualified, F gas certified and are continually trained on current Air conditioning Systems.

No company wants a system failure and our F Gas engineers endeavour to ensure your system runs as efficiently and productively as possible. When technicians are called out to a failure it is their mission to ensure that by the time they leave your premises your system is back up and running, whenever feasibly possible. So you can rest assured that your premises maintain your ideal ambient temperature.

Specialists in Commercial Installations & Air Conditioning Maintenance

Spalding Air Conditioning have undertaken many air conditioning installations and servicing contracts for our business customers over the past 12 years and these include , large commercial offices, medical centres, logistics companies, computer IT companies running server rooms, right up to larger shopping and retail outlets – all of which cannot be without air conditioning for any duration of time for obvious reasons, so don’t think we don’t feel your pain when a system goes down, we often get called out for an emergency repair and are able to act quickly. That’s often the feedback we get from our long-term customers… they know they can rely on us.

So if you would like to come on board with Spalding Air Conditioning Services we would be delighted to put forward a (free no obligation) quote for Installation or servicing, if only so you can compare costs to your current provider. Everyone has to keep within a budget these days and we feel we give real value for money, being specialists in our area of expertise.

For further information or to arrange an onsite survey, please call us on Tel 01775 714097 or via our contact page.  We work across Lincolnshire, Cambridgeshire, Rutland, Nottinghamshire and Northamptonshire as well as throughout the UK. One of our friendly team will always be on hand to discuss your air conditioning requirements.

“Offering a total solution for your workplace air conditioning, that leaves you free to concentrate on your own business needs with complete peace of mind”